Mataranka/Bitter Springs, NT

It feels like a long time ago that we were here! A short but sweet visit to the Mataranka Hot Springs as well as Bitter Springs (a short drive from Mataranka).  I don’t have any photo’s of Bitter Springs, you’ll have to imagine it similar but a little more rustic, there were a few staircases to get into the water, otherwise it was as you found it, untouched. The water flows a little faster and “floating” down stream with a noodle is definitely the way to go!

We stayed at Mataranka Caravan Park, which meant a short walk to the springs, convenient for us with Esther. Although there are a few “Stockcamps” nearby that we have heard great things about. The famous whip cracking legend (Nathan Griggs) was showcasing his tricks at the Caravan Park and was very entertaining!

Although visiting a hot springs was loads of fun, you definitely don’t go in to cool down, with the weather at 32 degrees during the day while we there, the closest to ‘cooling off’ was when you got out of the water!!

The surrounding forest.


30.5 megalitres of water is pumped out each day at 30 degrees celcius.


Esther loved it… we even went 3 times in one day!
This is her waving goodbye to us as she floated away!
Everyone just chilling out!

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