“Sunshine” Coast, QLD.

It pretty much rained the whole time we were here!! ha ha. We think we might call it the Rainy Coast instead.

I’ve found it really hard to write about our time here, I feel nauseous just thinking about it. We were here a total of 5 weeks. We arrived a few days before Dan started work and initially we were staying at a caravan park by the beach in Maroochydore. It was nice, but I wanted more space for the longer stay, with Dan coming and going from work, juggling pick ups, showers and cooking I searched desperately for something else and stayed in a granny flat in Nambour, a hilly green region, 20 mins from Dans work.

Anyway so the amazing good news is we’re pregnant with number 2. After a long wait for Esther, with help from IVF, to have this surprise was so exciting and week 5 of the pregnancy was my favourite time. After having a positive pregnancy test I was on cloud 9!!!


Little did I know my plans to cook wonderful dinners, bake wonderful snacks and spring clean the caravan were spewed straight into the toilet! Not just metaphorically. So I don’t exactly have fond memories of this place. I purely went into survival mode and managed to keep my toddler fed and alive for this period, hanging out everyday until she had her naps so I could lay down, often succumbing to just laying on the couch while she played. It was hard. I take my hat off to all those mum’s who have gone before me. Sorry I didn’t come and take your toddler out for the day. Sorry I didn’t bring you a smoothie so you actually ate and sorry I didn’t make dinner simply so you didn’t have to. I just didn’t understand! I was sick with Esther, I vomited until the day she was born but I think work was a distraction. I’m also very aware many have it much worse and many who would put their hand up to have it much worse, just to be pregnant (Wait a minute, what about me and all the fathers out there who also battle through this period! I worked all day, only to come home, listen to my wife complain, entertain my manic house bound child and cook dinner).. that was Dans two cents.. but he was wonderful to us!

Catching up with a dear friend.

Mons French Playgroup:

Being in the one spot for a few weeks I sought out a playgroup and found a French one. It was great. I was very welcomed and it helped get me out of the house each week. Esther loved the interaction and had a few firsts including painting and I met some wonderful mothers. Great location too.

Didn’t have a change of clothes that day!!

Views of the beautiful Hinterland Region:


We also visited the Eumundi Markets, after discovering them on a short holiday here in 2015  and we still think they are Australia’s best!

Buderim Ginger Factory:

Can you see a tail?
It’s a bearded dragon in the playground 🙂

Esther learning the pogo stick! Well after learning to walk it’s only the next step right?


Celebrating Dan’s last day of work at the shop.

Then on the road to Brisbane…

2 thoughts on ““Sunshine” Coast, QLD.”

  1. Didn’t realise you had a blog how awesome, Hinterlands look amazing and the play group looked like such fun I’m glad you survived that terrible time a lot of us mothers go through it’s def a tough one esp when your at home all day alone like you said just trying to keep your child alive lol it’s so true ,Well done.
    All the best and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures through your blog bye take care xx


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