Lake Argyle, Western Australia

The one and only place to stay at Lake Argyle is the Lake Argyle Resort Caravan Park. There is no other option, but what a great option it is. We didn’t book ahead (like 95% of the places we stayed at on our trip) and it turned out to be a busy time so they found us a spot next to the owners house, and we hooked up to power from there. Super accommodating and also managed to get onto a cruise without any issues. Below is a picture of the resident bowerbird and his nest, which was just by where we parked our caravan. The park is a busy place with lots going on, including the heli-tours landing at the park, which was exciting and noisy for Esther to watch. We did some cane toad catching at night, which… I thought I was braver than I actually was, I could barely summon the courage to hold the large bin bag to put the cane toads in that Dan caught, I really didn’t like it when they jumped and moved whilst holding the bag. The Caravan Park also does great fish n chips, with fresh caught catfish.

Pretty sure it is a Rocket Frog, a baby one, there were loads of them down by the Ord River.
Ord River, flowing from the Dam wall.
Lake Argyle Dam Wall
The infinity pool
Amazing Sunsets

For our last morning at the Lake we went out on a breakfast cruise, this included a tour of some of the lake, breakfast and a swim with the crocs! Yes, so there are freshwater crocodiles in the lake. I know they aren’t aggressive like saltwater crocs, but I still found it nerve racking. I had a short swim, staying close to other swimmers ha ha!

Rock Wallaby and Joey

Next Stop Zebra Rock & NT Border

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