I’m Felicia, Dan is my handsome husband and Esther is our long awaited baby girl, she was 6 months old when we left. At this stage we have until August 2018 to travel and see as much as we can around Australia, as well as make our savings stretch (ha or start working).

This blog is a family collection of stories and photo’s of our holiday travelling around Australia. My husband has wanted to do this trip for years, long before he met me! After getting married in 2013 we planned to travel once baby came along and we could take leave without pay whilst having the security of a job when we returned. Fast forward a crazy 3 years and our baby girl arrived, caravan is already purchased along with a suitable car to tow it, a hectic 6 months later we headed off on our adventure.

We got a map out and googled the best time of year to visit each part of Australia, it became our rough plan.


We are learning a lot as we go, about parenting, travelling with a baby, Australian history, fishing, caravans, free camping and each other! We love meeting up with people and getting to know their story… this is ours.

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