Sydney, NSW.

12 Months ago!

Driving into Sydney suburbs towing an 18ft Caravan was hairy.. but Dan did it, sweat marks on his shirt to prove it. As we squeezed our way through 3 lanes that appear to have been made from 2 lanes. Semi-trailers either side, breathing in, hoping it would make a difference, we made it unscathed into inner Sydney, warmly greeted by Dan’s Aunty and Uncle. We stayed a whole ten days (although it still wasn’t enough to win a round of Contract Rummy!), we enjoyed reconnecting and getting to know family, washed the caravan, bought some clean (no red dirt stained) clothes from the DFO’s, took Esther on her first train ride, visited the Bus Museum (Dan), with Bob & Carol’s hospitality so good it was hard to leave!

Well done to Dan for driving the caravan through the streets of Sydney, then parking it up.
When you require all of the above in your cot before you will go to sleep.
Playing in the curtains like she did at Grandma’s.
About 17 Weeks Pregnant with Leah.
My one and only photo of the Harbour Bridge ☺️.

Dinner out on the Parramatta River.

Esther’s first train ride.

Totally independent at the age of 16 months.
Oh my this chocolate is so good… my savings account is extremely lucky they don’t have a Haigh’s in Perth.
So many of my friends have moved to Sydney, it was great to catch up with a few while we passed through. I’ve known Anna since I was about 8. (So about ten years ;p)
Primary School friends! We visited Darling Harbour, then an awesome ice-creamery, which you can just see people outside lining up in the background.
While I lined up the camera for a timed farewell photo, Esther got serious with her posing!
Squeeze in! Don’t forget I did beat you at Contract Rummy last time we saw each other!
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