Zebra Rock Mine, NT Border

After crossing the WA/NT border we headed south on Duncan road to visit the Zebra Rock Mine (according to the website they have now moved to Litchfield). The reddish-brown and white-banded sedimentary rock formation is composed of small particles of quartz and fine-grained white mica. It’s known as zebra stone or zebra rock.

The colour banding is suggested to be formed by the rhythmic precipitation of iron oxide rich bands during the alteration of the rock by fluids migrating through the rock.

Visiting the mine I saw a familiar face, which I initially couldn’t work out where I knew them from. We soon worked out we were colleagues back in Perth, but being out of context it took time to establish the connection. As other blog posts mention we caught up a few times on our journey’s east. After discussing many things “van related” we headed out to find a campsite each. We set ourselves up at Goorrandalng Campground for the night.

Goorrandalng campground is located 18km from the Keep River National Park entrance. Camping facilities are basic and generators are permitted until 8:30pm. The site is suitable for tents and caravans. Aboriginal sites, spectacular geology and many different habitats are some of the features in the Park.

Located 468 kilometres West from Katherine, it sits right on the Northern Territory’s border with Western Australia. The Park entrance is 3 km east of the NT/WA border.

We spent the night by the fire of another camper, listening to stories of his father who was a police officer during the time of the Azaria Chamberlain case. In the morning we went for a beautiful bush walk around the national park.

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